Light at the end of the tunnel


Light at the end of the tunnel

Three months into our revamp of the Mill and we’re getting to the very end now. The refurbishment will be complete later this week, with still quite a lot of furniture, pictures and tables to be delivered and put up. It will look ten times better by Thursday.

We completed the recruitment of our chef team two weeks ago, but we’re waiting for them to complete their notice periods. The full kitchen team should be in place within two weeks, and then we can crack on with food available seven days a week and our new menus. The menu will be much broader than it is now, with more traditional pub dishes, alongside our more ambitious options. Don’t worry…this is a pub with really good food for all.

The Mill’s new website is being finished off as we speak with photos of the new decor and food being taken on Friday. And our new signage is due up outside the pub shortly…

Nearly there. Thank the heavens…