Christmas 2020…



It’s almost that time of year again. However, this year is looking a tiny bit different. Normally by now we’re pretty much booked up, buying the decorations, ordering the turkeys and preparing the staff for the hectic schedule. This year we’re having to be a little more careful.

This year we will be offering tables of up to 6 people for our Christmas Fayre, complete with decorations, music and lovely Xmas food. We will also have Christmas table buffets for single tables to enjoy in our Loft Bar.

Christmas Day will be the usual seated affair, once again with up to six people per table.

The menus will be out soon, we will take bookings soon. We have plenty of space so social distancing is easier for us, but we will be quite careful to avoid tables mixing and breaking the rules. There are big fines for us and you if we get this wrong!

We will post full menus and details in the next couple of days.